Professional Firearms Training With A Texas Twist

Texas has a long history of independence and personal freedom. As of September 2021, Texas has drawn its line in the sand, saying that its citizens will have the right to defend themselves
without the need to pay a state tax.
However, just as Texas has a history of independence it also has a history of marksmanship, accuracy, and firearm professionalism. As a Texan, you have the right to carry, but do you have the skill to do what is necessary to defend yourself and those around you? If the answer is no then give Shoot Perfect a call and let us raise you to the level of a true TEXAN.

There are still benefits of having a License To Carry (L.T.C.).

  1. When purchasing a firearm you will NOT need to wait for the results of the background check to take your firearm home.
  2. Every law enforcement officer “I HAVE SPOKEN TO” has assured me personaly that when they see that you have an L.T.C. the stop instantly changes to a warning (if possible) instead of a ticket. Remember: this is not policy, this is my experience and may not apply to all officers.
  3. Permitless carry DOES NOT allow carrying a firearm on institutions of higher education; the L.T.C. does.
  4. Permitless carry DOES NOT allow you to keep firearms in your personal car on your work property if your employer says so; the L.T.C. does.
  5. Permitless carry DOES NOT allow you to carry in 37 other reciprocal States; the L.T.C. does.
  6. Permitless carry DOES NOT allow you to carry in national parks; the L.T.C. does.
  7. Permitless carry DOES NOT allow you to carry in any business with a 30.05 firearm restriction sign.

Here at Shoot Perfect ETX, we offer the L.T.C. course as well as many other courses for those who want to better their self-defense tactics.
If you just want to know the rules and regulations regarding carrying a firearm in public, but do not want your license, you can still take this course and let us know you do not want your name on any paperwork.

I would love to see more people get educated on what they can and can not do within the confines of the laws of the state of Texas.
I do not want someone falsely overconfident because they
"have been hunting since they were a child".
Self-defense tactics and hunting methods are very different, and while experience in the basic use of a firearm is helpful, education is critical to TRULY be capable in a crisis.
-Luke Tarbutton