Scheduled L.T.C. Class

The classroom portion will be held at Trinity Baptist Church at 1641 FM 325, Lufkin, TX 75901 at 8:30 AM, Meet at the classroom first. Then the range portion will be held after the class on 103 West, Lufkin which is 11 min away from the classroom. After the class, we will then proceed to the shooting portion.
In order to attend the course, you must register beforehand by calling (936)414-9513 and adding yourself to the class registration.
Feel free to take the class to learn what you can and can not do. You do not have to actually get the L.T.C. if you do not wish. However, if after the class you decide you want to test and shoot for the L.T.C. you can.
The education class only is $80.00 and is 4 hours long consisting of 4 sections. The full L.T.C. class is $100.00 and consists of the same 4-hour course plus a test and shooting portion. If after taking the class you decide you would like to participate in the test and the shooting portion to obtain the license you may for an additional $20.
SUGGESTED Clothing for the range: long pants, collared shirts, closed-toed shoes for protection from spent brass.
REQUIRED items for the range are eye and ear protection.
The 4 hr. classroom portion goes over all the laws related to carrying a firearm in the state of Texas. The shooting qualification will be 50 rounds in total(20 from 3 yards, 20 rounds from 7 yards, and 10 rounds from 15 yards).
A firearm can be rented for $40.00 if needed. You must notify the instructor for a minimum of 4 days in advance in order to rent a firearm. YOU will need to provide the 50 rounds of 9mm for the rental firearm.
YOU do your application for your license here (click the link below to access the application).

YOU can fill your application out before or after the class. You have 2 years from either the class date or the application date to complete everything.
AFTER CLASS: We will email you an LTC100 completion form. Print the LTC100 fill out your information and sign and date the form. Add the date to the class date and qualification dates. Then scan the form as a PDF and upload it as a supporting document (click the link below to upload your supporting document).


Private Classes

  1. L.T.C. Class
  • Our Private L.T.C. Class is $100.00 a person for 1-10 people, $80.00 a person for 11-20 people, and $65 a person for 21-30 people.
    Cash or Check only no credit or debit cards accepted.
  • The class is a minimum of 4 hours long, not including shooting portion
  • Students will need 50 rounds of ammunition and a functional firearm. If you do not have a firearm one can be rented for $40.00 and you will have to notify your instructor at least 2 days before the class.
  • Students will need a valid state ID
  • Students will need to bring eye and ear protection.

  1. Basic Firearm Training
  2. Advanced Pistol Marksmanship
  3. Practical Carry
  4. Multiple Threat Engagment
  5. Tactical Pistol
  6. Tactical Rifle
  • Each class is a $100.00 for 3 hours of instruction.
    Cash or Check only no credit or debit cards accepted.
  • Students will need a minimum 200 rounds
  • Students will need their own functional firearm.
  • Students will need to bring eye and ear protection