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1242 Rifle Length Shelf (RLS)

The 1242 RLS (Rifle Length Shelf) is the largest of our surface mounted concealment shelves, and one of our most popular home defense solutions.  With all the utility of a shelf, the 1242 RLS has a concealed, foam lined cavity that is 12″D x 42″W hiding just beneath the surface.

To access the hidden compartment, simply disengage the hidden locking system with the supplied keys. The bottom half of the shelf is smoothly lowered with the assistance of pneumatic struts. Optional L.E.D. lights illuminate your secret cache.

The 1242 Rifle Length Shelf is easy to mount to the wall. Installation is as easy as installing any floating shelf. The medium density polyurethane foam insert which holds all your gear in place is easily customized to accommodate various home defense items. Simply cut the required shapes out of the foam, peel the self-adhesive backing, and attach the foam to the compartment bottom.

The 1242RLS is hand crafted in the United States with real hardwood and US sourced materials whenever possible. The surface mounted shelf  was designed for use with standard 2″ x 4″ stud framing. Each shelf is pre-assembled and supplied with a set of 2 bookend style shelf brackets for added support.

RFID Package Includes: (1) 1242 RLS Shelf, (1) Programming Key, (2) RFID Key Cards, (1) 42”x12”x1.5” Customizable Foam Pad, Mounting Hardware, CR123 Battery.

Magnetic Package Includes: (1) 1242 RLS Shelf, (2) Magnetic Keys, (1) 42”x12”x1.5” Customizable Foam Pad, Mounting Hardware.

1410 Wall Clock

The 1410M Tactical Wall Clock is a surface mounted home defense solution. This product offers lightning fast access to a 14″W x 10″H hidden compartment behind a functional and attractive clock.  The 1410M Tactical Clock is NON-LOCKING.

1420M Bundle

The 1420M Bundle Short Mirror is a recessed in-wall concealed home defense solution. It has a secret compartment hiding behind a classically designed wall mirror, framed artwork, chalk board, or white board. The storage cavity is 14″W x 20″H x 3.5″D.

This product can be used for any variety of items such as firearms, ammunition, or anything you want to hide in plain sight. The 1420M cover is available as a mirror, white board, chalk board, or canvas.

To open, simply disengage the hidden lock with the supplied key and slide the cover to the side. The slides provide smooth opening and closing. Optional LED lights illuminate your cache. Magnetic hardware retention makes accessing and organizing your hardware even more convenient.

The handmade construction of this product is robust. The 1420M Bundle is made in the United States with Baltic Birch and Poplar. The inserts are made from US sourced ABS plastic. The mirror has a shatter resistant coating and is backed with plywood, giving you two layers of security. The mirror is also encased in a full hardwood frame for added rigidity and security.

Customize your 1420M as needed using optional coat hooks, hangers, or anything you can imagine. Our standard Velcro loop backing protects finishes and allows you to affix patches, storage pouches, or any other hook side Velcro backed product.

MAGNETIC LOCK PACKAGE Includes: (1) 1420 Magnetic Locking Concealment Cover, (1) Magnetic Key, (2) 1410 Inserts, (2) Large Retention Magnets, (1) Accessory Shelf

RFID LOCK PACKAGE Includes: (1) 1420 RFID Locking Concealment Cover, (1) CR123 Battery, (1) Programming Card, (2) Key Cards, (2) 1410 Inserts, (2) Large Retention Magnets, (1) Accessory Shelf

825 Pistol Length Shelf (PLS)

The 825 PLS (Pistol Length Shelf) is our longer locking Pistol Length Shelf. Easy to install with all the usefulness of a shelf, the 825 has a discreet foam lined cavity hiding just beneath the surface. To access the concealed compartment, simply disengage the hidden locking system and the lower half of the shelf is smoothly lowered with the assistance of pneumatic struts. Optional L.E.D. lights illuminate your hidden cache.

The medium density polyurethane foam insert is easily modified to suit your needs and give you ample room for various home defense items. Once configured to your liking simply cut the shapes you desire out of the foam, peel the self-adhesive backing off of the back of the foam, and install it to the inside of your shelf. The foam will securely hold your items in place.

The 825 PLS does not require any interior modification to your wall and is simple to hang onto the surface of your wall. Each shelf is supplied with a set of shelf brackets that are to be installed on the top of the shelf for added support as well as also acting as an elegant set of bookends.

RFID LOCK PACKAGE Includes: (1) 825PLS Shelf with RFID Lock, (1) Programming Key, (2) Key Cards, (1) CR123 Battery, (1) 25” x 8” x 1.5”  Customizable Foam Pad, (2) Brackets, Anchors, and Screws

MAGNETIC LOCK PACKAGE Includes: (1) 825 PLS Shelf with Magnetic Locks, (2) Magnetic Keys, (1) 25” x 8” x 1.5” Customizable Foam Pad, (2) Brackets, Anchors, and Screws


DBG Coffee is focusing on fresh, great tasting coffee. We believe in taking the time to enjoy a quality cup of smooth coffee and love to savor those subtle hints of flavor that are lost over roasted coffee selections. DBG Coffee is focusing on keeping a steady flow of small bean batches flowing as this allows us to get the freshest and high-quality coffee to our customers. People are important and to reflect that we will continue to only offer the very best products.

Available in both 8oz and 12oz bags!

Roast – Medium to Light Roast
Notes – apple, berry, black tea.


These mugs are 100% handcrafted pieces of ART! The mug features our DBG Coffee design with a matte black finish and white gloss paint dripping from the brim. These 20oz mugs are ready to be filled with coffee or are even large enough to be used as a bowl for soup!

* mugs are hand made and their filling capacity may vary within a 5% margin.

End Table

Our Concealment End Table is a staging solution which does not require any installation. It is hand made with a U.S. sourced maple wood table top and legs, and features a clean and elegant design that will help you hide your valuables in plain sight.

Exterior Table Dimensions 23″L x 23″W x 25″H
Interior Compartment Dimensions 14″L x 11 3/4″W x 2″H

Issue Box

Have an issue? Grab a tissue! The Issue Box offers compact concealment options in any room. It is made of ABS plastic and has a beautiful black faux wood grain finish. This decorative tissue box cover comes with a 9″x4.75″x1.5″ customizable foam pad for the base.

$57.10 $45.70


PS Products, Concealment Clock Rectangle, Fits Medium to Large Handguns, Mahogany Wood


  •  797053001794
  •  PS Products
  •  RGC
  •  Med-Large
  •  Mahogany
  •  Storage
$149.95 $135.95


PS Products, 24″ Wide, Oak Veneer Stained Espresso, Magnetic Locking Concealment Shelf


  •  736902508060
  •  PS Products
  •  CC-24E
  •  24″ Wide
$31.60 $25.30


PS Products, PS Products, Diversion Books, Small/Medium and Large Handguns, Set of 2, Black


  •  797053100480
  •  PS Products
  •  DB2BLK
  •  Diversion Books
  •  Sm-med & large
  •  Black
  •  Storage

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