Basic Firearm Course

Basic Firearm Course



This 4hr course is for men, women, or children that have little to no knowledge of basic firearm use. This course will include proper grip, trigger squeeze, sight alignment, sight picture, and the basic function of a firearm.

Husbands who want there wife to feel a little more comfortable with the firearms in your home or you have never owned a firearm and are getting one for protection this is the class for you. If your child is getting to the point where they need to know how to handle a firearm a little better than this is the course for you.

$65.00 is for the 7 or larger group course.
$80.00 for the Family class of 4-6 people
$100.00 for private classes from 1-3

This course requires one firearm with 100 rounds of ammunition each. If the student does not have a firearm they can be provided for a rental fee of $40. All ammunition will have to be provided by the student and can be purchased here on the AMMO tab.

Must be at least 5 years of age for this course. All children under 17 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

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