Emergency Response Church Team

Emergency Response Church Team



And He said to them, “But now, whoever has a money belt is to take it along, likewise also a bag, and whoever has no sword is to sell his coat and buy one.” Luke 22:36

The sad reality is that churches, synagogues, or school of any kind are not safe from attack. We will train you to defend your school or place of worship.

  • 1-3 Participants $100.00
  • 4-15 Participants $80.00

I charge $60 for a security consult and evaluation of your church or school. The Evaluation fee will be waved if your church decides to train your staff. If your facility is more than 30 miles away, the charge is $.50 a mile for mileage to the facility. The cost of lodging will be put into the bill based on the average cost in the local area for the number of days that the instructor will be on sight.  The shooting portion may be done at our private range unless the education facility has the ability to provide a location for the range portion. Upon completion, I will issue an E.R.T. certificate to the church which may be used for your insurance. THIS IS NOT A “SECURITY” CERTIFICATION OR LICENSE.

This is a two day/ 12-hour course

5 hours of classroom and 7 hours of range time

  • Gun safety
    • Knowing your firearm
    • Knowing your ammunition
  • Disassembly/reassembly of their firearm
    • Cleaning of your firearm
  • Proper stance/grip
  • Sight picture / sight alignment
  • Drawing from holster
    • Quick grip and sight acquisition
  • Speed and tactical reloading
  • Shooting positions
    • Standing
    • Kneeling
    • Prone
  • Cover vs concealment
  • Shooting while moving
    • Singles
    • In pairs
  • Basic Handgun Combative & Weapons Retention
    • Retaining the firearm in the holster
  • Point Shooting
  • Stress Drills
    • Heart rate raised drill shooting
      • This will be physically demanding
    • Shoot Don’t Shoot Drill
      • Safety firing drills in the classroom


  1. Semiautomatic magazine fed handgun
    • The firearm must be of a high quality and reliable
    • Brands that are unacceptable are
      • Highpoint
      • jimenez
      • Ravin Arms
    • Must be a minimum .380 Caliber
  2. 3 magazines
  3. 400 rounds of new ammunition
    • do not bring reloads
    • New ammunition only
  4. OWB/ IWB holster
    • Holster must be of a high quality and must retain the firearm during intense movement and activity.
  5. Two magazine holster
    • For spare magazines
  6. Shooting safety gear
    • Eye Protection
    • Ear Protection
    • Closed toed shoes
    • Collared shirt
    • Hat
  7. Wear the clothing you would normally wear at Church
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