MOD Wall Panels

MOD Wall Panels


Product Description

The MOD Wall Panels are the foundation of any MOD Wall configuration. Each panel is 48″W x 22″H, and may be hung separately, one above the other, or side by side- the choice is yours. In the image shown, they are hung one above the other, covering a total area of 48″W x 44″H.

More about MOD Wall

The MOD Wall system by Tactical Walls is a great way to display your firearms and other equipment. Whether you are outfitting your safe room or simply staging or displaying your collection, this product line will give you some great options. These products are made with HDPE type plastics which are durable enough to hold your gear, but soft enough to keep from scratching your finishes.

The available attachments make it look like your items are floating in front of the wall. There are specific attachments that mimic a magazine which allow you to slide the mag well on to the attachment. We have standard Ar-10, AR-15, and large caliber pistol magazine attachments available in left or right pointing arrangement. If you prefer, you can choose the attachment which uses our Hide-A-Magnet to secure firearms to the front of the attachment. We also offer helmet holders, vertical and horizontal racks for rifles and shotguns, and shelves.


Additional information

Weight10 lbs